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WildTangent has developed an ecosystem of partners in creating one of the world’s largest games networks, and we have numerous opportunities for new partners looking to monetize both mobile and online.

Device Manufacturers & Mobile Carriers

WildTangent partners with some of the world’s largest mobile carriers and device manufacturers to create a massive cross-platform games network. Learn how we can help you entertain, retain, and monetize your customers.

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Game Developers

Distribution: Distribute your games on WildTangent’s mobile and online game service. Global distribution, efficient monetization and a revolutionary revenue model means massive audience and revenue potential.

User Acquisition (CPI, CPC, CPA): If you’re looking for high-quality game installs, developers can acquire users through WildTangent’s Games service.

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Reach your target audience through WildTangent’s massive cross-device game networks. We connect your brand with millions of global monthly unique users with both value-exchange advertising opportunities and IAB ad standard ads.

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