Launch Your Game Across Multiple Platforms

WildTangent is one of the largest online game distributors in the world. In addition to our own games service, we operate exclusive games services for almost all of the major PC manufacturers in the world. And our Android games service and partnerships with T-Mobile USA, Sprint, Sony, Samsung, and others are transforming the industry by driving full monetization through advertising and rental.

No matter what kind of games you develop, we can help you reach more customers on more platforms than anyone else, which leads to significantly higher royalties. In addition, our unique business model monetizes 100% of gameplay, compared to the 1% to 2% found with other distributors. How? It’s simple: We put users in control by allowing them to pay on a per-session basis using our online currency WildCoins or to let advertisers sponsor their free game sessions using the BrandBoost platform.

And that means we offer developers exceptional monetization opportunities across desktop, social, and mobile through a single platform—all while maintaining game integrity. It all adds up to bigger checks for you.

We’re always looking for new games from new developers. Contact us to learn more, or visit our Developers’ Hub to get started today!