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WildTangent’s Web Driver is here

WildTangent announces Beta 1 of the WildTangent Web Driver

Redmond, WA, April 15, 1999 – WildTangent announced an open beta program today for web developers to try the new WildTangent Web Driver. The Web Driver is a 250K program that allows web pages to take full advantage of DirectX hardware acceleration in Windows. Web developers can create extremely fast, interactive 3D graphics and audio applications in Java, JavaScript and VisualBasic.

“We’re taking powerful multimedia technology that used to be the exclusive domain of professional game developers and making it accessible to everyone on the Internet.” Said WildTangent President and founder Alex. St. John. “It’s our hope that creative people will try it, and find new richer ways of presenting content that nobody ever thought of before we made this possible.”

A second beta release of the player will be posted on the WildTangent web site at the end of May, and a final release is expected mid June.

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