Jewel Craft


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  • Jewel Craft screen shot
  • Jewel Craft screen shot
  • Jewel Craft screen shot


Learn the ancient art of cutting gems and creating unbelievably intricate pieces of jewelry. Along the way, follow the adventures of a young apprentice gem-cutter as he becomes a master jeweler celebrated throughout the kingdom. See the beauty within as you carefully choose stones to create ornate pieces, or relax in challenge mode and practice creating gems. It's a challenging, beautiful new turn on match-three gameplay.

Additional Details

Buy $9.99 or 20
Session Price 4
Developer Merscom
Size 25MB
Available Languages English
Release Date January 30, 2008

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP or Vista
Keyboard and Mouse Supported
Video card RAM 32MB
DirectX Version 7.0 or above
PC Download Match 3