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Retiring Day - In Retiring Day, find the faulty items on the conveyor belt and destroy them while training your successor at the same time. A quirky new arcade game! - logo

Retiring Day

Snails Animation



In Retiring Day you're an old man who has worked in many factories all his life, and after all these years it's almost time to retire. But first you must train your successors in this quirky new arcade game! Your job is to spot all the faulty items on the conveyor belt and smash them with your mallet. But if the kid in training does anything inappropriate at the job, like sleeping or nose-picking, you must correct him with a prompt slap in the face to get bonus points! Get your gold watch for years of service in Retiring Day!

Web Games Arcade Survival

Additional Details

Developer Snails Animation
Release Date June 12, 2012

System Requirements

Flash Version 9.0
Web Games Arcade Survival