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  • Screenshot of Tank Universal
  • Screenshot of Tank Universal
  • Screenshot of Tank Universal

Tank Universal

169 MB, about 6 minutes on broadband
Tank Universal creates a huge, "Tron©-like" virtual world where you take part in epic 3D tank battles that involve scores of units (both friendly and unfriendly) across wide open levels! Players can bombard the enemy from a distance or close the gap to dodge shells point blank - all in an immersive, first-person experience. Get rolling in this spectacular looking virtual world with eye-popping particle effects, and take the battle in any direction as you leave the tank and explore on foot.


    System Requirements

  • DirectX Version: 8.0 or above
  • Video Card RAM: 128MB
  • Processor: Pentium 4 - 2.2 Ghz or better
  • RAM: 512MB for XP, 1GB for Vista
  • Operating System: Windows XP or Vista
  • Hard Drive Space: 100 MB
  • Download Size: 169 MB
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