Dove Men+Care NCAA



Dove Men+Care Journey to Comfort

WildTangent creates 3 mini-games, a mobile games app, an expanded rich media unit, a BrandBoost unit, videos, and a sponsored channel for the Dove Men+Care NCAA sponsorship.

The Results

  • Interaction rates across the mini-games and video units were excellent and above industry norms:
    • 79% of players interacted with the brand in the Free Throw Frenzy mini-game in BrandBoost and played the game just under one million times! (interaction rate on the mini-game is defined as when a player takes their mouse to perform the first action in the game)
    • Video completion rates in BrandBoost were 90%
  • Around The World was the top-performing game on the Dove Men+Care site with over 65,459 gameplays and an average time spent of 1:25
  • Top performing placements (click-through rate):
    • BrandBoost (Video version): 7.91%
    • Games Channel Skin: 7.83%
    • Pre-Game Video: 3.03%