Reach the Engaged

People turn to media for entertainment. And increasingly, they turn to digital to get it. At WildTangent Media, we offer you and your brand an audience that’s primed and ready for interaction across desktop, social, and mobile platforms.

We Are a Digital Media Advertising Platform

Every month, we give 175 million1 consumers the chance to invite your brand into a digital experience they’re really enjoying. And in return, they get something they want. Like virtual goods, free play, or premium content.

You offer rewards people want, instead of interruptions—and your brand makes a lasting impression. As a result, both your audience and your brand win.

We offer a complete digital media solution that scales in the way your brand demands. And we back it with high-performing advertising products that consistently beat out industry norms.

We Provide High-Performing Advertising Products

With our range of advertising products and solutions, you can turn digital experiences into results that overwhelmingly exceed campaign goals. For example, campaigns on WildTangent Media routinely see: