Why the new website?

Why the new website?

Welcome everyone! I’m Matt and I oversee WildTangent’s product and technology division. We’ve been busily working on updating our service for a while now and are excited to finally give you a chance to dive in and start using it.  I thought I would take just a few minutes to give you quick tour of what’s new and talk a bit about why we are updating things.

new look

The first thing you’ll notice is the new clean look for WildTangent Games. With so many great games in our catalog (and the ongoing rapid growth of our catalog every week), we wanted to get out of the way and let the games have the spotlight.  A crisp, clean design allows this and I think really lets the game art pop on the page. (btw: Let me know if you agree or not.)

In addition, we wanted to make finding games even easier. Now, we’ve had genres and themes for years, but we wanted to make finding games similar to ones you already enjoy even faster and easier…So, we added ‘tags’ right underneath the game art and title (as shown below) … sometimes the simplest solution is the best answer and we think this does the trick.

best value

Like you, I really enjoy playing games.  And just like you want the best value for your time and money, that’s what we fiercely focus on delivering every day. There are too many website storefronts out there operated by companies big and small that focus on forcing you to do one thing – buy games.  They completely miss the point that most people don’t want to or simply can’t afford to own every game they like to play (I feel the same way about movies).

This is the reason why we built WildCoins nearly 5 years ago and it remains the key difference between those storefronts and WildTangent today. We want you to have the power of choice.  Choice of how, when, and where you play games.  It’s also the reason why we offer Free, Rental, and Ownership, and why they complement one another.

First, let’s talk “Free”. To provide you with free game sessions, we partner with top brand advertisers that want to sponsor games. Keep in mind that these are untimed game sessions of the full version of the game (not some limited trial, demo version, or a 30-60 minute trial).

You can easily find these games being sponsored by checking out the sponsored channels on our ‘Find Games’ page. For example, today we have several games sponsored by Ford Sync available:

best app

Another new aspect of our games service is the WildTangent Games App.  Today we are releasing the App for Windows version.  We think this little app provides the *best* user experience to play games.  Just press the “Try Free” button for any game and let us do the rest…No more hassling with downloading and installing a game via some clunky 10 step “I Agree” process like those found elsewhere.  Give it a try…I think you’ll find the “1 click and it just works” process pretty cool.

bonus features

Our new App also includes tabbing.  Why tabbing?  Well, it makes it incredibly quick and easy to access any aspect of WildTangent Games you choose while also making sure you don’t lose where you were at.  You can be discovering new games in one tab and be playing your favorite in another…we’ve found this to be incredibly convenient and think you will too.

In addition, the App has links to other popular sites like Facebook, Pandora and Hulu. While that might not seem like much, it’s the simple convenience of being able to play your game as well as update your status, listen to music or watch your favorite TV show (or all three all at once) without leaving the app that really makes this valuable and fun. Just click on the New Tab button, which is the ‘+’ located at the top of the App to select what you would like to do.

Constantly improving our service is critical to us…To do so, we have and will continue to ask for your input to tell us what you like… and what you don’t like.  One example of this is the ‘My Games’ tab.

When we initially gave folks a preview of our App, a common request was to make it easier to play the games they already have.  Based on this feedback, we have included a new ‘My Games’ tab in the upper left of the App (it’s blue, so you can’t miss it). Now, you are always just one click away from playing what you want, and can easily sort your games alphabetically or by how recently you have played them.

coming soon

This update is just the beginning of our commitment to bring you the best games service, regardless of how, when, or where you want to play. We really want to hear from you on what’s working and what isn’t, so please share with us at:


Check back soon…there are many additional exciting new things we have in store.

Matt, WildTangent

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