BRB, monsters to slay–

We’re all really excited about the upcoming release (early 2011) of the fourth FATE game! Yes, it does have a title, but it’s still a secret.

I can say that it takes place far away from good ole’ Grove, and you start the game as a brand new hero. Incidentally, you might be responsible for unleashing horrible, undead evil upon the town, but we’re not pointing fingers.

Let’s talk features. New spells, new monsters, new pets, weapons, and hairstyles (seriously)–you get the point. We’ve added Facebook features so you can swap items with your friends and call upon their characters for help.

Which leads to the question many fans have been asking: Is the fourth FATE multiplayer? Short answer: No, it’s not. However, we did listen to your requests and we implemented as many as possible.

On a personal note, this is the first time I’ve been involved in creating a game. Honestly…it’s awesome! To learn more about the new game and view some goodies, visit our FATE Facebook page (dedicated to our loyal fans).

Mika, WildTangent


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