We’re Making Improvements

Thanks for all of the feedback you share with us about the new WildTangent Games.  We’re having fun with the new service and hope you are as well.  Our Product and Quality Control teams have been working diligently to continually improve the service.  They leverage numerous test centers–and feedback from you–to investigate issues and correct them.

Here are some recent improvements:

Most significantly, we have heard that a few users have experienced slow download and install times for some games. We have made great progress on addressing this issue and look forward to more feedback from you.

A small number of games were quitting unexpectedly for some people. We’ve been working with our game developer partners to investigate those issues and incorporate fixes, such that we can get them back in our catalog and available for you to play.

For those of you who have a lot of games installed (like me), the Games App was acting a bit sluggish when downloading more games.  We’ve fixed that, so to all my big-time gamer friends, enjoy!

For those of you who had parental controls set in the previous Orb, you may not have been able to play games that didn’t meet your original parental control criteria.  We’ve corrected that as well.

Finally, for those of you who joined WildTangent Games when we were in “preview” mode, you (and everyone else) can now use offline WildCoins.  That’s perfect for holiday travel.  Download the games you want to play while you’re traveling and use your WildCoins even if you have no internet connection.

Look for more improvements to come as well.  We’re focusing on new ways for you to discover games more easily, and of course, we’ll keep working on back-end technical improvements to keep your game play time fun, which is the point.

As always, give us your feedback.  We’re here because of you.  And if you have technical problems, contact http://www.wildtangent.com/support.  That does several things for you and us.  We can get you back to playing faster.  And every issue you share with us helps us improve the service for all of our players.

We know it’s easy to tell us your issues via Facebook, but that only delays us being able to solve your problem–and in some cases, we can’t find you in our system so we can’t easily reach you.  The support team here is great.  They’re here to help you.

Matt, WildTangent

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