New to WildTangent?

The WildTangent Games App comes with many new computers, and we know the holidays are when people often receive computers as gifts.

For those of you who are new to WildTangent, welcome!  Here’s a brief overview of what we’re all about:

WildTangent Games is a global online games service with more than 1,300 games.  We currently offer our service in 8 languages and add new games every week for core gamers, casual gamers and kids.

The Games App resides on your desktop to help you discover, manage and play games.  It has the added bonus of keeping game icons from cluttering up your desktop.

WildCoins are a big hit with our game players because after they’ve enjoyed a free game session, and want to play again, they can use their WildCoins to play for hours.  Also if you’re a WildClub member, you can buy a game with your WildCoins, and the coins you’ve already spent on that game are deducted from the total price.

There’s much more we can share with you, but watching a video is much more fun.  Click below for the 90-second overview of WildTangent Games.

We hope you have fun with WildTangent Games.  Please go explore, have fun and check back often here at our blog to see what’s new.  Please feel free to comment on our blog or ask questions.  We’d love to hear from you.

Carol, WildTangent

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