WildTangent Weekly Game Play Snapshot

FATE: The Cursed King Adds to an Already Timeless Game Series

When we here at WildTangent Games released our first installment of the FATE series, little did we know the kind of legs it would harness over the years that followed?  Now, after two incredible follow ups to the original, the bestselling FATE series has returned with a brand new chapter! If you haven’t played it yet, here’s a quick summary to whet your appetite. As the hero in the forth version, FATE: The Cursed King, you can play through an exotic new realm full of surprises while you fight your way through vast and varied dungeons on your quest to break the terrible curse that threatens your home. Brand new to the game is a party system, Facebook features, and plenty of weapons, spells, and armor. Will you break the curse, or will the city of Ekbatan be forever doomed?  Try FATE: The Cursed King today, or try one of these other fantastic Role Playing Games available at WildTangent Games.


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2 Responses to “WildTangent Weekly Game Play Snapshot”

  1. Debbie May 11, 2011 at 2:50 PM #

    Hello to All;
    Not sure what’s going on with WildTanget, but have to say definetly not in sync with the bulk of their user clients?! I had previously had problems with downloads and admittenly did not have an account and realized complaints were really not justified without some type of commitment from me. So for a start I signed up for the Wild Coin package. From my perspective I thought by signing up I would have continous access to quality adventure/hidden object games which BigFish offers. This is evidently not the case, as the games being offered lately are the last picks from IWIN and GameHouse. FYI…it’s not a coincedence that BigFish caters to this genre, as this is the target consumer of this type of gameing.

    Best Regards;

    • Carol May 18, 2011 at 3:41 PM #

      Hi Debbie–we certainly aim to have all the best and latest games available for you as quickly as possible. We released 9 new games today and release new games every week. We hope you’ll keep playing. We appreciate you being a part of our service!

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