WildTangent Weekly Game Play Snapshot

Free Online Games:  Plenty of These Available at WildTangent Games.

Nothing gets a consumers attention more than the word ‘free’, and for obvious reasons. So we here at WildTangent Games not only get that, we’ve already got it.  And it’s why we’ve been expanding our ‘free’ games selection along with our selection of all types of games and game formats. Here’s a list of great games you can enjoy for free.

Of course, WildClub, our subscription rental model that is very affordable, is a huge bargain at $6.99 a month.  Think about it, you can try as many games as you wish using our proprietary WildCoins digital currency technology and not be stuck with the burden of full price.  And with more than 1,500 games from all genres to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something great for your tastes in games.

Ryan, WildTangent

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