Whoa! Amazing Response to WildTangent’s Upcoming Android Games Service

People are saying, “Wow.  Great concept. I’ll rent games before committing to buying them.”

From the tremendous news coverage last week in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Engadget, TechCrunch, All Things D, GigaOm, VentureBeat and on and on, we have been super excited to see that people are very interested in our upcoming Android Games Service with launch partner T-Mobile USA.

We have been working hard to create a consumer friendly Android service that also supports great game developers. Lots of late nights for many of us-including “Android Dave”-as we affectionately call him.  It was hard to keep it a secret!  We’re so glad we can share the news and we’ll provide updates as we get closer to launch.

Here are a few more details and the key highlights about the upcoming games service for people who own Android smartphones and tablets:

  1. You will have the choice to play for free the “premium” versions of games (that you have to buy everywhere else) with relevant advertising…and you can play for hours.  You know how some games have both “free” and “pay-for” versions?  Why not check out the versions that usually cost money for free before dropping money on a game that you’re not absolutely sure you’ll want to play again?
  2. For the first time anywhere on Android, you can RENT games for a fraction of the suggested retail price. Some game developers are creating even more sophisticated, top quality games for Android smartphones and tablets that will cost more than the standard 99 cents or $1.99 price we see so often today. Because prices will vary, our rental prices will vary based on the MSRP of the game. So renting ANY game (no matter the price) first will be a smart move…then you can purchase the must-have titles you want to keep. All rental applies toward purchase, so you can feel safe renting first.  We’ll have our virtual currency, WildCoins, within the service, to make life easy.
  3. We know how you use smartphones and tablets.  You don’t sit around playing a game with no interruptions—like phone calls.  Some people play for several minutes while they’re waiting to pick up their kids.  Others while they’re waiting for a friend who’s meeting them for coffee.  That’s why our free and rental sessions will last for hours and hours. We’re making this service for people who multi-task during the day. Stop and start as much as you want during your free or rental session.
  4. You can easily buy in-game items with WildCoins or get them for free with our BrandBoost ad platform—which allows brand advertisers to reward you with free sessions and in-game items.  We know “some” people don’t like ads.  But ours will be high quality and unobtrusive—and if you get something free that you truly value—we think it’s worth it!
  5. If you already have WildCoins with our online games service, you can use them on your Android phone AND on the PC. No need to have separate accounts.
  6. Finally, no hunting around among thousands of useless games to find what you like.  We’ll serve up top games for you and make it easy for you to find the types of games you like.

We especially like how CrunchGear told the news:  “One of the worst things about app shopping is the uncertainty. A few screen grabs and a four-line description is hardly enough to make an informed decision. When apps are free, it’s less of an issue, but when I’m coughing up a couple bucks, I want to know what I’m getting… a pretty innovative approach to app shopping: rentals. That way, users can see if they like the app before they put a ring on it.”

Matt, WildTangent

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