140 Characters of Fun and Games with @PlayWildTangent on Twitter

Now is the time to follow @PlayWildTangent on Twitter. Our Twitter page is a great place to find new games, blog posts, giveaways, and pictures of pranks we pull on our boss. This weekend we’ve got something extra special on Twitter for you:

We will be giving away one game a day to a random follower until Monday, August 22! We’re also giving away the unlock code to Penguins if we reach 2,000 followers by that same day.   

That’s right. All it takes is 2,000 followers and you’ll get a free game. Go get your tweet on, people!

You’d like more great content on Twitter? Okay. Be sure to look for Trivia Tuesdays, WildCoin Wednesdays and RT & Win contests to win free games and WildCoin jackpots from @PlayWildTangent!

Lauryl, WildTangent

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