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[PROTOTYPE] is on the WildTangent Games App! Get ready to jump into New York City as Alex Mercer, a man with shape-shifting powers and a missing memory, to solve the conspiracy of a violent plague called Blacklight. [PROTOTYPE] is developed by Radical Entertainment and published by one of our great partners, Activision. Matt Armstrong, senior designer, from Radical Entertainment shares tips for gameplay and his thoughts on weird conspiracies.

Matt Armstrong

Tell us about yourself and how you got into game development.

I’ve always been an obsessive gamer, so the idea of a job in games was always appealing. After dropping out of my Fine Art degree course in the final year and working on my portfolio from home, I was lucky enough to get a foot in the door as an artist at a small but very fun developer in England. I spent seven years there, changing my role from artist to designer along the way. I then spent two years working as a Senior Designer in Austria before moving to Canada five years ago for my current job at Radical Entertainment.

What was your favorite part about creating [PROTOTYPE]?

Undoubtedly the team. The people that I worked with on [PROTOTYPE] were the most talented crew I’d ever had the experience of working with. I thought I knew quite a bit about games development when I arrived at Radical with nearly 10 years of industry experience under my belt, but I learned an enormous amount working on that team and had a huge amount of fun making the game with them.

If you had any superpower, what would it be and why?

Tough one. I figure it’d be the super power that allows me to eat endless chocolate and drink endless beers without gaining weight. Add in the ability to stay in shape without going near a gym and that sounds like a pretty fine super power to me.

What tips and tricks do you have for WildTangent players who are playing [PROTOTYPE]?

Hit and run! In [PROTOTYPE], you play as one of the most powerful characters in all of video gaming, but you’re not invincible. Your best bet in any major battle is to jump in, slice-and-dice and then jump out, change your disguise and blend back into the crowd. One of the most powerful and fun tools you have in [PROTOTYPE] is the ability to create absolute chaos and then vanish into thin air as your panicked enemies desperately try to find you.

What is your favorite level of [PROTOTYPE]?

I’m still a huge fan of the game’s opening level. The sheer scale of the enormous battle being fought between the massed ranks of military and the vast hordes of infected in Times Square is really spectacular. Combine that with the introduction of Alex Mercer’s incredible movement and combat abilities and you’ve got something that’s totally different to anything I’ve ever seen before.

Throughout [PROTOTYPE], Alex Mercer is on a journey to discover more about a 40-year-old conspiracy involving bio-weapons. What are your thoughts about the conspiracy theory that many powerful world leaders are lizard-people that come from an alien race of shape-shifters? 

I think there are a number of interesting socio-political facets to this particular hypothesis, but I think it all boils down to one simple and irrefutable fact: lizard-people that come from an alien race of shape-shifters are clearly and utterly incapable of the effective and efficient management of international finance and should be indefinitely excluded from all such interactions in perpetuity.

Oh, and Alex Mercer could kick all of their collective asses.

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Lauryl, WildTangent

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