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Meet O. White. He’s a Team Leader at Realore, our featured developer of the week, and a fan of the band KISS. Besides his fondness for hard rock bands, he also loves games, especially Roads of Rome 3. Roads of Rome 3 is our latest Time Management game, which takes place in the Roman Empire. Take a look at this week’s Developer’s Corner and be sure to use the tips and tricks to reach expert rating on Roads of Rome 3 on the WildTangent Games App!

O. White – Team Leader

Tell us about yourself and how you got into game development.

I have loved video games ever since I played Prince of Persia for the first time. I came to the point where I wanted to change something for the better in practically every game I played. Then I started to think about developing games myself.  In 2000, I was invited to work at a game development company.  Many things have changed since then but games are still both a hobby and the job I love.

What was your favorite part about creating Roads of Rome 3?

Best time in every game development cycle is the beginning. Creativity is at its peak and there’s no limit to your imagination. You store that creative energy and use it during the development process.

If you had a “theme song” that played when you walked into a room of people, what would it be? 

I love music. When I was a kid I used to be a KISS fan. I still love that band even though these days I listen to a lot broader range of music. I don’t like to force people to listen to what I like so I usually work with my headphones on.

What tips and tricks do you have for WildTangent players who are playing Roads of Rome 3?

Roads of Rome 3 is a strategy game and you have to really think when you play. At the beginning of the level take a long look at the level map and plan your future actions. I constantly read our game’s forums and players never cease to amaze me with interesting strategies they invent while trying to get an expert rating.

What is your favorite level of Roads of Rome 3?

It’s hard to highlight a specific level because our development team puts a piece of their heart and soul into each stage.  But if I have to I would say that the first bonus level is my favorite because it differs from the others and has a very special atmosphere.

Some of the obstacles in Roads of Rome 3 include quicksand and snowstorms. Imagine you are in Candyland, would you rather be stuck in quicksand made from cookie dough or in a snowstorm of marshmallows? 

I have to confess – I have a sweet tooth. So both proposed variants are welcome, but the first one is certainly preferable. :)

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Lauryl, WildTangent

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