Our Best Games of 2011 – Strategy

Now that you’re starting to recover from the holiday season, why not massage your brain with our Best Strategy Games? You can build a village or an army, or manage a business or even a farm. Our best strategy games will present you with interesting obstacles, challenges and puzzles that will be sure provide you with the mental stimulation you need! Our 2011 winner in this category is Virtual Villagers 5 – New Believers, where you will guide your tribe and convert the savages. Then, go on a quest and rebuild the Roads of Rome 2 as you help Victorius find the magic potion that will save Caesar’s life. In LandGrabbers, you will lead your troops to capture enemy fortresses and the surrounding land. Next, you can switch gears to the present time and try your hand at running your own bakery with Cake Mania: To the Max. If you want to escape the city life altogether, then practice your harvesting skills with Hobby Farm. Lastly, a nice way to reward all of your hard work is to create your own getaway with Build-a-lot: On Vacation.


We think you’ll enjoy these stimulating games so play our Best Strategy Games today!

Rose, WildTangent

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  1. Anita January 13, 2012 at 6:19 AM #

    The last couple of months i have not been able to complete a dowload ..so i just don’t visit the site..

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