Underworld Awakening Free Game for the Upcoming Movie

Underworld Awakening: The Game, is a new free fighting game at WildTangent tied to the 4th film in the Underworld franchise releasing in theaters on 1/20/12. You can find it at: http://www.wildtangent.com/Games/underworld-awakening. It allows you to take part in the eternal battle between Vampires and Lycans that has been told through the film franchise.

The game is styled as a one-on-one death match where fast and decisive moves can mean the difference in your character’s survival. Sony Pictures and WildTangent Inc., have worked in conjunction to develop the game , with an Android version coming soon for smartphones.

You can fight as a female Death Dealer in story mode to follow some of the action that will take place in the film. Then, work your way up to a final enemy, an Uber-Lycan, that is larger and more powerful than anything in the Underworld universe. Arcade Mode allows players to have some fun by playing on either side of battle. Play as any of the Vampires or Lycans featured in the game, including the Uber-Lycan once it has been defeated in story mode.

Each character has its own set of attacks, a special move (firing a gun or a vicious bite), and a powerful finishing move that players enter by following on screen prompts. Logging in to the game through Facebook is optional, and recommended if you want to challenge friends and maintain achievements. You can choose up to 5 pre-defined fighting moves- and can then send them to a friend in the form of a challenge. Your friend will have the opportunity to respond/counter your moves in real time. Once accepted the friend can enter his or her moves and let the battle begin.

You can also play solo if you choose. By choosing the social format will be able to find a queue of friend battles that have been sent and await them.

WildTangent has also created a light version that will deploy within Brandboost in front of core, enthusiast and action games.

Underworld Awakening, the movie, hits theaters on 01.20.2012. Enjoy the free game!

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