Game Developers: How to find success with game players on Android

Posted by David Worle, VP of Game Content at WildTangent.

I spoke at the game developer show, Casual Connect Asia, in May.  I’m continually impressed by the true passion game developers have for making great games people will love to play.  In order to keep creating great games, developers also need to make sure the games succeed in the marketplace.  Here are a few key recommendations I shared with game developers during my presentations at the show.

What do Android Games need to Succeed?

Without all of the above, games don’t always cut through the clutter to reach game players, and that’s a shame!  Great games need to be played and enjoyed.

Here are more recommendations:

Explore Multiple Business Models.  Remember, not all content is created equally.

  • All purchasable games need not be 99 cents.  In some cases games should be free.  Other more complex games should cost more to justify the talent and effort that went into creating that game.
  • Having your game in 1 location is not all you need
  • Rental can be hugely beneficial for both consumers and developers.  It gives consumers a chance to try your game without buying it and you still get exposure and make rental revenue.  It’s a win for both game players and you.
  • Advertising that engages game players can actually reward the consumer and you.  Skip the annoying banner ads!  Great advertising that’s relevant for game players will interest them and not turn them off.  In many cases a short advertisement in exchange for a reward for a player is considered beneficial by game players.

Rules for Game Design

  • KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid
  • People will NOT read
  • 3 menu screens is 3 too many
  • UI should be unnoticeable
  • Game mechanics (for phones) must be INTUITIVE
  • Execution – What’s your plan to work with partners like WildTangent?
  • Be easy to work with.

WildTangent is publishing a White Paper in June with many more details. Working with device manufacturers and carriers gives us access to all sorts of inside data and news.  Look for it at or contact David at for more information.

Our goal is to present your great games to our game players.  Please feel free to comment below.  We’d like to hear your feedback.

David, WildTangent

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