New Mobile Games to Play on the WildTangent Games App

Check out the three new mobile games we’ve added this week to our mobile service.  If you haven’t already gotten our App on your Android phone or tablet, go here to get it!

The new games include: Escape, Empress of the Deep II : Song of the Blue Whale and Battle Group.

Escape: Norm is stuck and he needs your help! Move him up, down, left and right, without retracing your steps and eliminate each stone in the sequence. This crazily addictive game will keep you going for hours and hours! A  unique brain teaser, complimented by relaxing audio and visual effects. Play Escape today!  Escape is free to play with in-game items you can purchase.

Empress of the Deep II : Song of the Blue Whale: Anna awakens on a mysterious, tiny island after escaping the destruction of her underwater kingdom. Now, she must find her way to a mystical floating cloud city, seek out the four Children of Light, and save them from the twisted clutches of the Evil Empress Pandora. To do so, help Anna rescue and heal enchanted animal slaves hidden away in a vast floating temple. Once freed, each animal will become your friend and help guide you to your destination! Empress of the Deep II: Song of the Blue Whale is a hidden object game with a unique, beautiful story and plenty of extra puzzles. Play now on your Android device!

Battle Group: Set in the near future, Battle Group thrusts you into conflict on the open seas. Engage in top-down combat inspired by arcade classics such as 1942 and Missile Command. You command a fleet of real-world, modern-day fighting ships; directing advanced armaments including anti-air missiles, large calibre naval guns, and jump jet interceptors. Quick reactions and tactical decisions are required to defeat an assortment of land-, sea-, and air-based opponents. Battle Group was developed in consultation with naval personnel!

Play any of these games on your Android mobile phone or tablet (no iPhone support yet).  Remember you only need one WildTangent account that can be used on your PC or mobile device…and your WildCoins can be used in either place.  If you need instructions on how to download the WildTangent Games App for Android, please go here!

Feel free to leave us a comment below.  We love your feedback.

Carol, WildTangent

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