Weekly Games Snapshot – New PC Games This Week

Need a little pick me up to recover from the Independence Day holiday? We do! A holiday in the middle of the week can be exasperating so why not exercise your brain with our newest PC games? Starting with a few puzzle games, we suggest you first try Jigsaw Boom, Slingo Supreme 2 and Garden Rescue. Next, enhance your brain power with Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 and Wordary. You’ll then be ready for a couple of hidden object games, Theatre of the Absurd Collector’s Edition and Whispered Stories: Sandman. Finally, end your day with a fun casino game, Ali Baba Slots. Here’s more details on this week’s games:

Garden RescueGarden RescueIts garden plants vs. insects in this classic tower defense strategy game. In Garden Rescue you must lead the defense of a tiny garden sanctuary against hordes of invasive bugs. Beautiful graphics help you escape into a micro world of plants and insects that features three difficulty levels and a variety of game tactics and strategies. Play Garden Rescue today and head this little army of garden defenders to rescue them from impending doom!


Jigsaw BoomJigsaw BoomJigsaw Boom is basic puzzle fun! Choose from forty puzzles in five categories that can range in piece count from 12 to 850. Easily rotate pieces or view them with a magnifying glass. Escape the hustle and bustle and put together a beautiful puzzle. Play Jigsaw Boom today!


Slingo Supreme 2Slingo Supreme 2Play one game, get 10 million! The very first Slingo Supreme had only 16 powerups. Slingo Supreme 2 is packed with 32. All those powerups empower you to make over 10 million different combinations! The variety of fun will never run out. You get classic powerups like Slingo Vision and Treasure Chests, but also brand new Supreme ones like Don’t Stop and Echo Slingos! You’ll even get some favorite powerups featured in the Slingo Quest series like Speed Slingo, Lucky and Exploding Slingos. It’s awesome – It’s huge – It’s Slingotastic! Play Slingo Supreme 2 today.

Theatre of the Absurd Collector’s EditionTheatre of the Absurd Collector’s EditionAn Ancient and most sinister evil threatens the soul of an innocent young girl. Play Theatre of the Absurd Collector’s Edition and enjoy hours of mind-bending, next generation hidden object adventure presented with unique 3-d effects. Explore the remote and mysterious theatre to uncover lost horrors and find the solution. Can you outwit the beast? Play Theatre of the Absurd Collector’s Edition today!

Whispered StoriesWhispered StoriesStep into 19th century London and help the young orphan, James, search for his lost friend, Mary, while under the spell of the sinister Sandman. Whispered Stories: Sandman is a fun hidden object adventure with three difficulty levels and hours of gameplay. Will James find a cure against the spell of the Sandman? Play Whispered Stories: Sandman today to find out!

WordaryWordary Wordary is a NEW and ORIGINAL word game that the whole family can enjoy! Spin the letter wheels to manipulate the Wordary board and build as many words as possible. Hours of gameplay and a variety of game modes means you’ll never get bored! Some Wordary boards contain over 2000 words. What are you waiting for? Play Wordary today and PUT A SPIN ON YOUR WORDS!


Trivial Pursuit Daily 20Trivial Pursuit Daily 20Have fun and celebrate your trivia knowledge while playing online Trivial Pursuit Daily 20! Answer each online Trivial Pursuit question correctly to earn points and wedges every day. Collect all the pieces to fill a complete online Trivial Pursuit pie for a bonus each week. Exercise your brain in this free online Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 game that has a trivia question for everybody!

Ali Baba SlotsAli Baba Slots A new legend begins as Ali Baba discovers a hidden map and sets off to find 7 hidden jewels in Ali Baba Slots, a free online casino game! Follow Ali Baba as he sails through stormy seas, faces sandstorms in the Arabian Desert and encounters the Sultan’s soldiers in his search for the Jewels of Ultimate Luckiness! With your help, he might just get the girl, too! Spin the reels and watch the adventure unfold in Ali Baba Slots!\


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