WildTangent is on the New T-Mobile myTouch Phones Launching Today!

Have you been eyeing the myTouch phones from T-Mobile? They are available in stores today for the first time, and the WildTangent Games App is already installed. The two phones, made by the phone manufacturer, Huawei, are quite affordable. One phone has a cool, slide out QWERTY keypad.

Remember when you launch the WildTangent Games App for the first time, you will need to check the “Unknown Sources” option. It’s perfectly safe with WildTangent.


In most cases you can play our games for free for at least 4 hours…and these are not the “light” versions of great games. These are the FULL versions. Then if you decide to play again, you can rent a game for a full 24 hours. All of your rental applies toward ownership.

Of course, you can get WildTangent on any Android smartphone or tablet including on the Kindle Fire. Click here to see how.

Carol, WildTangent

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