Weekly Games Snapshot – Our Top 3!

If you’re lucky enough to have more time on your hands because the kids are back in school, we think we can help keep you entertained! In this week’s newest casual games, you can hunt for a Snark, journey through the 1970’s, or practice your Word skills. What’s a Snark, you ask? It’s the elusive creature in Snark Busters that few people have seen and no one has caught. In this hidden object game, you decipher clues, solve whimsical puzzles and explore different worlds to catch the Snark. If you prefer time management games, then you’ll love Delicious: Emily’s Childhood Memories, where Emily goes back home to the farm and reminisces the 1970’s. Want to stay ahead of the kids and practice your vocabulary instead? Then, we highly recommend Word Bird Supreme for a relaxing, brain exercise. Enjoy and be sure to check out all of our latest games here!





Rose, WildTangent

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