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We’ve got some great games for mobile Android devices, so if you have a smartphone or tablet that’s not an iPhone or iPad, you can play WildTangent Games! We love mobile games because it not only helps pass the time while you’re on a bus or waiting in line, but it keeps our minds active.

One of our favorite games to exercise your brain is The Moron Test. You are challenged with what seems like simple puzzles such as, “Touch the Biggest Duck,” but one wrong move will take you back to the beginning. Play until you get everything right and become a Genius!

If you want something less stressful, then try Fruit Ninja. Watermelons, bananas, oranges and all kinds of tasty fruit are thrown up in the air so you can slice them with an easy swipe across the screen. The key is to avoid the live bombs and slash as many fruit as you can.

Think you can be a good pilot? Then try Panic Flight to test your navigation skills and fly your airplane through obstacles such as tornadoes and UFOs to get to your final destination. For an entertaining strategy game, we think you’ll like Great Little War Game. The game is full of humor so be prepared for a few snide remarks as you defend against enemy forces. If you want even more action and adventure, then we highly recommend SHADOWGUN. The graphics are incredible and you feel like you’re watching a movie, but then you’re playing the role of John Slade and you need to lead him on a mission to hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, the leader of the mutant army.





So, take a look at our mobile games here. We think there are more than a few that you’ll like. Then, get the WildTangent Games App on your Android phone here!

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