Weekly Games Snapshot–Hidden Object & Time Management

We’re featuring three new games this week that we think you’ll enjoy. In our first hidden object game, you can find clues and identify thieves among the suspects in Hidden Path of Faery. When the balance between two worlds is in need of restoration, Julie sets out to help the population restore order in this inexplicable land. Before the fairy world gets completely devastated, it is up to you to help Julie in her quest!

In Lost Secrets: Ancient Mysteries, discover gems, tombs, and clues to decipher ancient codes is your kind of hidden object game,  and play the role of famed archaeologist John Carter who discovers a possible solution to the mystery of King Tut’s short reign.

Lastly, this deliriously fun time-management romp allows you to capture a traitor, restore a kingdom and fall in love.  It might sound like a tall order, but it’s all in a day’s work in Age of Adventure: Playing the Hero.

Hidden Object GameHidden Object game at WildTangent.comTime mangement game at WildTangent.com





So many games, so little time!  Enjoy!

Carol, WildTangent


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