Weekly Games Snapshot – 3 Ways to Exercise Your Mind

We’re in the midst of Autumn in our neck of the woods, so with all of the leaves falling, the rain, and the cooler weather, we don’t feel bad for staying inside and keeping warm. It’s an ideal time to play a few games and exercise your mind! For this week’s newest games, we’ve got 3 different ways to get your brain into tip-top shape.

Starting with our favorite mobile game typically found in app stores, The Moron Test is now available online. This game will test your brain power and your patience. What seems like easy puzzles, like touch the red button, can get frustrating when you must start over and over until you get it exactly right.

Interested in global domination instead? Then play the all-time classic board game of RISK where you must use your strategic thinking to take over territories and conquer the world.


Prefer to use your “I spy” skills? Then we think you’ll like helping Sarah Meiville find clues in this week’s favorite hidden object game, The Gift. Sarah is a paranormal investigator who is trying to solve a murder with the visions that she sees.

Games are a great way to train your brain and boost brainpower so be sure to try our new games here.


Rose, WildTangent

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