Weekly Games Snapshot – No Politics Here.

Elections are over in the U.S. so now we can focus on working together instead of arguing about politics. The elections make us contemplate the different issues around us, but why not channel that energy towards more relaxing thoughts and actions? We think you can enjoy solving problems in a more entertaining environment.

Consider a fantasy land instead in Dragons of Atlantis, where you can build a city and hatch a dragon. Who wouldn’t want a mythical creature to protect your city and conquer your enemies?

If hidden objects are more your game, then play detective Karla Robins in Entwined: Strings of Deception.  A famous inventor has been murdered and it’s up to you to go through the mansion to collect clues and interrogate the staff.

Doesn’t this sound better than trying to tackle the issues of debt, poverty and war? Take a break from politics and play our new games this week instead. Enjoy!

Rose, WildTangent



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