Weekly Games Snapshot – Attack or Battle?

“You Sank My Battleship!” For those of us who remember this classic commercial, we think you’ll love the PC version of this game. If you recall, BATTLESHIP is the game where you must strategically align your ships to prevent them from being hit by the enemy. Then, choose your target and watch the missiles hit the water or hit the enemy ship!

For more hard core battle, try Edgeworld where you must build your base and resources for dominance of an abandoned alien planet. Not only is this a strategy game, but you can make it social too, so invite your friends to play along.


If warfare isn’t your game, then test your strategy skills in a different way. In Golden Trails 3: The Guardian’s Creed, you must help Jacques solve the mystery of the Order of the Templar. Set in 18th Century Paris, you’ll need to collect mysterious items and solve puzzles to uncover secrets of this ancient order.

As always, you can find a new game here. Start playing today!

Rose, WildTangent



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