Hot, new PC games! – 3/28/13

It’s that time of week! New games day! They still have that new game smell and that shiny new game look. Just… you know… in a less-than-physical, digital way. Go get ’em!

Can true evil be conquered by the strength of love?  Find out in Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death.  Live an adventure you'll never forget.

Is love enough to conquer true evil?


Build your sleepy little village into a flourishing metropolis in Rising Cities!

Rising Cities – your city needs you!


Are you ready to break ground?  In Rising Cities you will become the mayor of your very own city.  Pick what you want to build, but remember to manage your resources wisely, Mayor!  Your residents and the city’s budget are counting on you.  Rising Cities gives you the chance to transform a humble starter city into a flourishing metropolis.  What kind of city will you build?



In a land of enchantment torn apart by evil a hero arrives to save the day!

Stop the dark sorcerer Grogan!

The Martians have a sinister plan to cow-nap our precious cattle!  It's up to you to stop the Martian menace in Beware Planet Earth!

Protect your cows from Martian invaders!

Play over 100 unique levels of fun in Mahjong Royal Towers!  Earn points and trophies by matching special tiles.

Over 100 levels of great Mahjong fun!

Tower of Elements combines the fast-paced action of match 3 with the strategic planning of a tower defense game to create a thrilling experience.

Match 3 + Tower Defense = Fun!!

More than lives are on the line in Motor Town: Soul of the Machine. Search for a mysterious inventor who is creating cars with souls!

Explore the eerie streets of Motor Town!

The spider solitaire you know and love, enhanced by the thrill of competition!  It's Spider Solitaire - a cash game!

Untangle the cards in Spider Solitaire!



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