Get Your New PC Games Here! – 4/4/13

New games just make the middle of the week better, don’t they?  Let me know what you think of the new game post in the comments!


Who will pay the price on Halloween?



Help Jill’s grandparents!

Jill’s grandparents are deep in debt and the dastardly Cliff Gold is eager to foreclose on their home. Her only chance to raise the money they need to pay him off is to win the gardening contest. Cliff Gold will do everything he can to stop Jill from winning the contest, even if he has to participate himself. Without help your Jill won’t stand a chance. Will you be the one to help her and save her home from Gold’s evil clutches? Play Gardens Inc: From Rakes to Riches today!


Who will pay the price on Halloween?

Evil has returned to their small town!

Evil was a part of their history, fear a part of their daily lives. They thought, and hoped, it was long done, but a violent murder appears to revive this small town’s troubled past in Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt For Truth. Catch a killer by searching for clues, solving puzzles and interviewing the townsfolk. Has the evil returned? Will you stop it? Play Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt For Truth today!




What will your robot look like?

Cartoony robot combat is the order of the day in Guns And Robots, a free multiplayer game! Design and customize your very own fighting machine. In Guns And Robots, you’ll blast your way through different arenas with weapons that you can fine tune to your game play preferences. Your robot is waiting for you… **You can use your WildCoins to purchase the in-game items you want in this free-to-play title! Play it through our partner, Masthead Studios!**


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