New in Portable Play! – 4/12/13


Handheld games – perfect for gaming on the go!  Although, I find that it’s best not to bring out the really fun stuff around people who don’t own a smartphone… unless you don’t mind giving up yours for a while!



Basil the firefly is trapped inside an aquarium.  And it’s all the fault of a “sinister little girl.”  How many of those have you met in your life?




No one can ever have enough marble poppers!  I’ve never heard someone say that if they played one more marble popper it would be one too many.  Usually, they’re too absorbed in the gameplay to do anything but mumble incoherently.


game_list_whackabullThe title of this game is very descriptive, don’t you think?  If you’re in the mood for some fast-paced, bovine bashing, you should probably snag this one!



game_list_petxonixUncover cute animal pictures with some puzzle action.  Win-win!




What are your favorite Android games?

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