New today in Portable Play! – 4/19/13

promo_587x137_portableplay_android_v2 I think everyone deserves a little portable fun right before the weekend.  Here are some new games to brighten your Friday!  

Farm Frenzy 3 HD: Grow crops, protect your farm, feed exotic animals and dress up predators in silly outfits!  Naturally.

Granny Smith: A spry, older woman who takes to her roller skates to catch a thief?  A thief who took her apples?!  I like her… no one better mess with my food, either.

Twice!: A puzzle game in which you match mosaic patterns.  Sounds like it would be great for improving memory.  I know I need all the help I can get!

BABEL Rising: Cataclysm: I like being able to create natural disasters.  ’nuff said.

Doodle Summer Games HD: Let the summer games begin!

SUPER KO BOXING! 2: There’s a move called the “super punch.”  Awesome!

What is your favorite part about playing games on an Android device?

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