Popular Plays – Top 5 PC Games of the Week – 4/2/13

Popular Plays of the Week

Hi Tangenters!

“Popular Plays” is a new feature in which I list the top games of the previous week.  The plan is to post a list of some kind every Tuesday.

Here are the things you might see:

  • The top PC or Android games of the last week – this can include older titles
  • The top new PC or Android games – these would only be pulled from the titles released in the last 30 days

Now, how is the list determined?  We, at WildTangent, use the very rigid method of consulting our crystal balls, spin until we’re nauseous on a tire swing and then throw a dart at a board that has all our games listed on it.

… Okay, not really.  But that does sound fun.

The list is actually constructed by very smart people (not me) looking at what games WildTangent customers are playing the most this week.  It could be a free to play MMO that has some fun, new gameplay or it could be the latest Hidden Object Game.  Most importantly, it gives you a pulse on what the most popular games are right now.

It will be a quick and easy way to find a great game that maybe you haven’t tried yet.

Okay, enough blah blah from me, right?

So, are you ready for the inaugural Popular Plays?!

Top PC Games of the Last Week*

*The list this week includes some older titles that were released more than 30 days ago, but are still super popular.

Rank Game Genre(s)
1 BarnYarnCE_150x100 Hidden Object
2 Bejeweled-3-Match-3-Game Match 3
3 PlantsVsZombies_150x100 Puzzle, Blow Stuff Up
4 LakeHouseChildrenofSilence_150x100 Hidden Object
5 DeliciousEmilysWonderWeddingPE_150x100 Time Management


Now let me know what you think of this feature in the comments below!  Is there a particular “top” list you’d like to see?

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