Weekly Tangent – Welcome to our new feature!


Hello WildTangent game players!

Welcome to our new blog feature, the Weekly Tangent.

The plan (there’s always a plan, isn’t there?) is to post something fun and/or funny and/or useful to you, our players, every Monday.  Yes, EVERY MONDAY – so be back here at the same bat time, same bat… oh, you know the drill.

By now you’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m writing words at you.  I wonder the same thing in my more existential moments.  Well, my name is Mari and I’m WildTangent’s new copywriter.  This means I write most of the words you read on the WT site.

HOWEVER, the most important thing is that the head honchos at WT gave me my very own little spot on the blog.




Excellent. My evil scheme is working.


Megalomaniacal tendencies aside, here are some things I’d like to do with my Weekly Tangent segment:

  • Have tips and tricks for playing on the WT site – Is there anything you want to know how to do?  Like check to see how many WildCoins you’ve used on a game?  Or how WildCoins work exactly?
  • Discuss mobile and Android – Why does everyone say it’s the future?
  • Run some contests with some PRIZES… I knew that would get your attention!

Now, the big question is this:  What do you want me to do with the Weekly Tangent?

Spotlight our game developers?  Have WT employees comment?  Do you want me to tell you about my strong opinions on toilet paper?   Talk about the behind-the-scenes at WT?  Do you want me to post some clever ways to use your smartphone/tablet?  Recipes for aromatic, fermented, workplace faux pas foods? Would you like me to dig up tips and tricks on saving money and time so you have more of both for games?  Obligatory pictures of cats?  It is the internet after all…

Cat pulls a paw to the laptop

Cat cautiously commenting on computer completely competently.

Tell me your ideas and tell me what you want to know (in the comments below!)

The Weekly Tangent isn’t just mine.  It’s ours!



P.S.  I’ll also be posting new game roundups for PC (on Thursdays) and Android (on Fridays).  So, don’t worry – that’s in the works even as you read this.  We know that’s what you really want.  More games!!!

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