Weekly Tangent – WildTangent’s complicated relationship with the sun – 4/15/13


Hello Tangenters,


We recently saw a ray or two of sunshine… and that means the entire office population was looking markedly bronzed (or burnt) for a couple days and that Spring has officially sprung!  We’re in Redmond, Washington – what do you expect?

In Western Washington, people lose their marbles when the sun makes its first appearance after months of overcast drizzle/ showers/ downpours/ mist/ sprinkles (we have lots of terms for rain… I could go on).

Some people react with unparalleled joy and an urge to go into the out-of-doors fueled by a fierce desperation – these folks can’t stop looking out of the office windows longingly.  Others react with fear and suspicion – they also stare out the office windows, but with obvious distrust.


However, there’s something absolutely everyone succumbs to.

black mole hungry

My eyes! My eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!

We all (as an entire state… or at least the Western half of a state) convulsively shield our precious seeing parts when the strange, bright orb in the sky makes its rare appearance… no one is immune to the shock of having one’s pupils contract violently after months of filtered light.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Welcome Spring!

Now where are my sunglasses?!



P.S. Some of the WildTangent employees have curated a collection of their favorite Hoyle games.  If you love casino and board games, check it out!



Tell me – what are the weird things that happen in your part of the world?

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