New Today in Portable Play! – 5/31/13


We have quite the collection this week; there’s something for everyone!


It’s more than a puzzle game!

The Curse: Complete the pages of the mystical, cursed book… that happens to be full of puzzles?! I can definitely put up with a little curse if breaking it will be that much fun.


Dual-stick mayhem perfected!

Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels: I think this title is pretty self-explanatory. Shoot monsters!


Can you solve the mystery of the island?

The Treasures of Mystery Island: This one is for you hidden object game lovers out there. Crash-landings, angry gods and unimaginable riches. Adventure and mystery call!


Feed the monster to make him happy!

Hungry Mouth: This poor little monster lives in a trashcan! Help him out and play the game!


Jump, slide and dash for your life!

Struggle Guy: Watch out for the turtles and birds because they’re out to get you! Don’t let this title make you paranoid. Just… run for your life!!


Dark Ninja vs. Pirate Monkey Zombies?

Draw Slasher: Fight against Pirate Monkey Zombies! Really, need I say more?


Get ready to huff and puff with this classic!

Three Little Pigs: This is an Interactive Touch Book geared toward kids! They can read the book or the app can read to them. What a fun way to get to know a classic story!

So – what games strike your fancy this week?

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