New Today In Portable Play! – 5/3/13

New on Android! How to choose, how to choose…? Why not get them all?!

If you haven’t played our mobile games yet, just visit on your Android device to download our app and start playing today!


Mysteryville is back with another case!

Mysteryville 2: Hidden Crime: The popular Mysteryville right in your hands!  Last time it was missing cats… this time it’s people!


When in doubt, empty your magazine!

Hills of Glory 3D: Attack, don’t defend.  A reverse tower defense game is a nice change of pace.


A game you won’t want to escape!

Jail Run:  There’s treasure involved?  Count me in!!


You’d better keep your fingers crossed!

Cross Fingers: Is there a puzzle lover out there who doesn’t love tangrams?  Games like this are great for one’s mind.


Create a fabulous zoo of your own!

Animal Park Tycoon: If I could create the animal park of my dreams… I would definitely install an entire area dedicated to dinosaurs!!  What would your zoo have in it?


Play the classic connecting game!

Fantastic 4 In A Row HD: This takes me right back to when I was a kid.  And now I can play it on Android!


Think carefully, because every move counts!

Ultimate Reversi: Can you cover the board with your color?  What’s your strategy?

Which one looks the most fun to you?

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