Popular Plays – Top 4 Android Games – 5/28/13


The Top 4 New Android Games*

*These are games that were released within the last 30 days.

1.|Riptide GP


The ultimate water-racing experience!

In just a couple of weeks this game has gone from #3 to #1! That’s clear sign of a good game.

2.|Granny Smith


Get those apples before the thief does!

Granny is still going strong at #2 – a very solid standing for a very solid game.



A firefighting, physics-based puzzler!

This is for those physics-based puzzlers out there. You know who you are. Actually… is there anyone out there who doesn’t like this type of game? I find it highly unlikely.

4.|Mysteryville 2: Hidden Crime


Mysteryville is back with another case!

First it was cats and now Laura’s friends are going missing. Mysteryville sure lives up to its name!

Riptide GP and Granny Smith are close to being more than 30 days old. What do you think our list will look like next time?

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