Weekly Tangent – How-To Install the WildTangent Games App on Your Android Device – 5/20/13


Hello ‘Tangenters!

Today I’m going to go through how to install the WildTangent Games App on your Android device.  Please see last week’s post to help you determine if you have an Android device that will work with our Games App.

For an explanation of why you need to install the app this way, you can click to expand the following:

Why are there so many steps to install the WildTangent Games App?

By default, Android devices use the Google Play store and are programmed to warn the user if they try to install anything that isn’t from there.

This means that Apps like the WildTangent Games App or the Amazon App Store have to have certain permissions from you, the user, to be installed.  Basically, to use these apps you need to tell your device that you allow Non-Marketplace Apps (Apps found outside of the Google Play store).



This is a long, image heavy post and your device’s menus and homescreens may look different from mine, but they should function similarly.  If you have any technical issues, please check out our lovely customer support page here!

Just hit each step to expand or collapse it.

Also – all of my screenshots have the relevant buttons and menus highlighted (while everything else is dim).  I think it makes it easier to see.

Let’s begin!




STEP 1 – Find Settings

Go to where your apps are. I happened to put the apps I’ll need for this tutorial on their own homescreen so that you don’t have to look at, like, the bazillion apps that live on my device. So, your settings and download icons will probably be in your app library and not a homescreen.


STEP 2 – Go Into Settings

Before you do anything else, tap the Settings icon.


STEP 3 – Find “Security”

This is the way it looks on my Nexus 7 when I go into it, but yours might look slightly different.

Those are a lot of options, huh? What you want to look for now is “Security.”

**NOTE: Some devices call this menu “Location and Security” instead.


STEP 4 – Find Menu For Allowing Installation of Non-Marketplace Apps

Now you’re looking for an item called “unknown sources.” This option allows you to use Non-Marketplace Apps. If you see “Unknown Sources” then you can go straight to STEP 5.



**NOTE: If you’ve checked all the tabs under “security” and you don’t see “Unknown Sources” then it means that “Unknown Sources” is under your “Application” menu under settings. Don’t worry – I’ll walk you through it.

  • Go into the main “Settings” menu (just like in STEP 2)
  • Tap “Applications”
  • Now there should be an item called “Unknown Sources”
  • Go on to STEP 5

STEP 5 – Allow Non-Marketplace App Installation

What you’ll do here is make sure that “Unknown sources” is checked to allow you to install Non-Marketplace Apps. If yours is checked then you can skip to STEP 6.

If it’s not checked then be aware that when you tap this particular entry to turn it on then you might see a message similar to this one before this option can be checked.

The language in this popup isn’t exactly friendly, but as long as you only download and install apps from companies that are reputable and that you trust (like WildTangent) then you should be just fine. If you’re ready to go on, tap “OK.”



You should now see that “Unknown Sources” is checked (second image).

Now you get to download the app!

STEP 6 – Go to WildTangent’s Mobile Site

There are 4 ways to get the Games App (E-mail, Text Message, Web Address, QRCode).  If you want to get the app through any of those channels, you can find them here:http://www.wildtangent.com/GamesApp

I’m going to go through the steps of getting the Games App through the Web Address.

On your Android device go to http://m.wildtangent.com/GamesApp in your web browser.


STEP 7 – Download the WildTangent Games App

Tap the green “download” button on the page and you’ll notice a little “starting download” message at the bottom of the screen.

**NOTE: It’s possible that instead of a “starting download” message, you’ll get a confirmation window popping up. Just tap “OK” to continue. Now, you should see a “starting download” or “downloading” message at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 8 – Find the WildTangent Games App Installation File

Pull the top of the screen down and you should see the WildTangent icon. Tap it! We’re almost there!


STEP 9 – Install WildTangent Games App

Read and accept the installation notification. To do this, tap “install.”

**NOTE: There may not be an “install” button immediately available. If this is the case, you will have to tap “next” a couple of times… that will let you scroll down in the window and read all the nitty-gritty details about what parts of your phone/tablet the Games App uses. After you hit next a couple of times – the “next” button will turn into an “install” button.


STEP 10 – Access WildTangent Games App and Get Games!!

And now you can access the WildTangent Games App! You can open it right from the installation screen by hitting “open” or “launch” on the pop up.

I’ll do it from the games icon.

**NOTE: The WildTangent Games App icon will now be in your Apps library! I moved my icon to the homescreen for clarity, but you can also activate it from your Apps library if you’d like.

Can you taste the fun and games?


**NOTE: You may have an “Update Available” notification. This will ensure that your app is the latest version – you can just hit “OK” (you’ll probably be prompted to install or hit “OK” once or twice more). Then you’ll have to open the app again. If you don’t see this notification, then you have the latest version!

AND YOU’RE IN! YOU MADE IT! Heave a sigh of relief and use your WildCoins to play games on the go!

Have a portably playful day!



What are you going to play first?

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  1. Julie January 17, 2015 at 10:32 AM #

    I have done everything that you suggested and still no luck…any more suggestions please

    • Mari January 19, 2015 at 9:15 AM #

      Hi Julie,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble installing WildTangent on your Android device.

      Please reach out to our wonderful Customer Support Team here. They’ll be able to help you out. Or, you can check out our Help Center for more tips.


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