Weekly Tangent – How-To Tell If You Have An Android Device – 5/13/13


Welcome to the Weekly Tangent!

Do you ever find yourself thinking this:

”I love WildTangent Games and I want to play them on the go!  Will my device of choice run the WildTangent Games App?”


Well, hypothetical Tangenter, I appreciate your WildTangent love and I’m glad that you asked this question!  A lot of our PC players have a similar question!

What you ultimately need to know is this:  Is your device an Android device?

There are a couple of ways to find this out.

First off, if you know who:

  • manufactured your phone/tablet (the manufacturer is usually printed on the phone somewhere… mine’s Samsung, for example)
  • your  operator is (the company that you pay for your phone service… sometimes that’s printed on the phone, too)

Then you can go here:


And input those two things into the drop down menus on the top and see if you can recognize your phone or tablet.  However, you may look at that website and ask, “Is my phone that black box or that very similar looking black box??”  Because, I get it, they all look more or less the same… so, if this method doesn’t work for you, there is another way.

On your phone and/or tablet, you’ll need to find which operating system/software you’re running.  And I’ve created a little tutorial for you!  Just remember – the tablet I’m using may not have the same names for the menus as your device does.  But they should be close.

Here’s how to do this on the Nexus 7, just click on each tab to see the steps:

STEP 1 - Find Settings

First, find the settings button (this will probably be with all of your apps – I’ve separated it into its own home screen here for clarity):

STEP 2 - Find 'About' Menu

Then find the “About” menu (yours might be called something different like “my device” or “about my phone” or something along those lines):

In my Nexus 7 we have to scroll down kind of far to find it. Ah, there it is!


STEP 3 - Find Your Operating System

Go into your “About” (or “my device” or “about my phone,” etc.):


If you’re running Android this is where it would say “Android” or “Android Version.”   If you don’t see “Android” anywhere in this screen then, I’m sorry, but you’re running a different Operating System that’s not compatible with the WildTangent Games App.  If you see “Android” then you’re in luck!


And there you have it!  If it says that you’re running Android – then congratulations!  You can get the WildTangent Games App!

Next week – I’ll show you how to install the WildTangent Games App on your Android phone or tablet!




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