Weekly Tangent – WildTangent Has Kids’ Games? – 5/6/13


Welcome, Tangenters!

So, this is a whole thing, apparently.  Sometimes the more-responsible-than-me adults-of-the-world care for a small human being… and these young people, these so-called “children,” enjoy playing games, too.  According to my top-secret sources, games aren’t just for grown-ups.  I know… I’m shocked, too.


In response to these new developments, we recently added a new category for kids’ games! Okay, we’ve actually had a kids’ category on the PC games side for, like, ever (but I didn’t know that because I’m kind of new – that excuse won’t hold out for too much longer, will it?)

However, we now have enough Android games geared toward the soon-to-be-hipper-than-all-of-us younger crowd to justify having a special category for them. In general, these games are appropriate for the 10 and under kiddos. Some of them are even educational!

You can find the PC kids’ games here:  http://www.wildtangent.com/Channels/kids

And the Android kids’ games here:  http://m.wildtangent.com/Channels/kids


Create a WildTangent family event out of it!  There’s nothing more heartwarming than a shared gaming moment, am I right?

I, myself, have very fond memories of my Dad helping me get through the first Legend Of Zelda game.

Hm… am I dating myself here?



Tell us your stories of multigenerational gaming in the comments; we’d love to hear them!  What are your favorite games to play with your families?

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