Launching Mobile Games with AT&T

Today, we announced our collaboration with AT&T to bring new mobile games to market. And we’re at E3 celebrating the first AT&T Hackathon winner, Africa Swing.

AT&T Hackathon Winner Africa Swing Launches on WildTangent

AT&T Hackathon Winner Africa Swing Launches on WildTangent

Earlier this year, AT&T hosted a hackathon challenging developers to create a mobile gaming app in 28 hours. The winners, Linghua Jin and Xiaomi Mao, developed a prototype for Africa Swing, a family-friendly game where cute little animals run to music while collecting stars and avoiding obstacles. With the resources from and support of AT&T and WildTangent, the game is now live on WildTangent’s mobile game service. This is a great example of how a developer can bring a game from concept to market and we’re excited to be a part of it all.

If you’re an AT&T subscriber, you can download the WildTangent games app by visiting on your Android smartphones and tablets. Now you can play Africa Swing!

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