New Today In Portable Play! – 6/21/13



Build. Break. Solve. Move that water.


Your goal is to get water into the reservoir… and to do it, you’ll change gravity if you have to! If you’re on the lookout for a fun and tricky puzzle game, then try Briquid!


Match globs to create new creatures!

Sticky Linky:

How often is evolution left up to you? Match globs to create new creatures in this neat puzzle game.


The farm is flooded and the animals are floating!

Farm Rescue:

Save the animals from the flooded farm!


Pop the balloons before they get away!

Balloon Blowout:

Get some arcade, balloon-popping action.  This looks like it would be good for stress relief… like popping bubble wrap, y’know?


A card game trio you’ll keep close by!

3 in 1 Cards:

If you love card games, this is the one for you. Get Solitaire Pro, Blackjack Universe, and Texas Hold’Em Poker Extreme all at once!


The ultimate game of chaos!

Battle Ballz Chaos:

You’re going to have to be quick to play this one. Phew! This arcade game is good for testing your reflexes!


A coloring game for your child!

ABC Coloring Town:

Here’s another game for the kids! They can color the alphabet on your Android device!

Hmmm… what to download, what to download?

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