Popular Plays – Top New Android Games!


The Top 5 New Android Games*

*These are games that were released within the last 30 days.

1.|Virtual Families 2


Care for a virtual family of your own!

This is the sequel to the hit game, Virtual Families, which is a consistent favorite on both Android and PC.  If you enjoy real-time simulation, then you must try this game!

2.|Fruit Blitz


Your fruits have met their match!

It’s a delicious (and colorful) match-3 game! It’s a good thing I have grapes for lunch today, because now I want fruit!



A visually stunning zombie FPS!

This zombie shooter looks and plays great on a tablet.  I wouldn’t suggest eating while playing this one… it’s not for the faint of heart.

4.|My Puzzles with Garfield


A great jigsaw puzzle game for kids!

This cute, fuzzy, kid-friendly jigsaw game is a nice contrast to #3 on this list.

5.|Horse Life Adventures


Your dream ranch is just a tap away!

I used to love riding horses when I was a kid.  This game will let you live out your dream of running a ranch, training horses and winning those blue ribbons.

From zombie shooters to adorable simulation games. We have a wide variety in this week’s Top 5 Android Games. Which ones have you played?

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