Weekly Tangent – How-To Use WildCoins In An MMO – 7/15/13


Hello ‘Tangenters!

As promised, I’m going to go over how to use WildCoins in your favorite MMOs!

You know you can use your precious WildCoins if there’s a WildCoin icon in the corner of a game’s image.  See the yellow circle below:


All right.  Now when you’re actually in the game these are the steps you’ll take to use your WildCoins.  Click on the screenshots to make them bigger – some of the text might be a little small.

NOTE:  You’ll need to be logged in to WildTangent (either the website or the game app) before you do this.

First – I have to get to the purchase screen.  You can usually find it by clicking on your “energy” or in-game currency.  The black circle and black and white arrow in the upper left part of the screen point to it in the Farmerama screenshot below:


All righty – after I’ve clicked on the currency button, the game takes me to this screen:


Now, say I want only 50 Barnyard bills.  Even though it doesn’t say “WildCoins” and has only a dollar amount, I can click it anyway.


But, that’s okay!  Because when I go to pay for the Barnyard Bills, WildCoins show up as an option.  See?


I’ll choose WildCoins as my payment method.  The nice thing is that with WildCoins you have just one currency across many games.  There’s no need to re-enter your credit card information all over the place.  It’s safe with us!

Then I click “Complete Purchase,” confirm it, and boom!  I have Barnyard Bills!!


Once I hit “close,” it’s time to celebrate!  In-game currency is miiiiine!


And, that’s how you use WildCoins in an MMO.

In recap – when you’re buying your in-game currency or in-game items in a game that allows WildCoins, don’t worry if you don’t see the price in WildCoins right away.  There will be an option to use WildCoins when you pay!

My advice?  Have a stash of WildCoins so you don’t ever end up with too few to make your purchase!

If you’re running low, you can get them here:  http://bit.ly/14SVNil

And – that’s my tutorial.  Which MMO are you going to try now?  Are there any other tutorials you’d like to see?



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