WTS Wednesday – What Does A Seattle Local Eat For Lunch?


Hello ‘Tangenter!

Have you ever daydreamed about being a Seattleite? Let me tell you – it’s all about socks with sandals, jeans at the opera, coffee jitters 24/7, Gore-Tex and squinting in confusion at the sun when it does come out.

It’s glamorous.


Now, the most important thing – what do real Seattleites eat? Take note future tourists (or fellow hungry Emerald City dwellers)! WildTangent Studios has compiled a list of their favorite downtown Seattle lunchtime eateries!

Note – these aren’t all “Pacific Northwest Cuisine” because… well, sometimes even we Seattleites stray from the stereotypical salmon, apples and coffee diet.

Best Seattle Lunch Eats (According to WildTangent Studios)

Click the restaurant names for details!

Tat’s – We’re going to start this off right – the first item on the list is an “East Coast Steaks and Subs” place! That’s… not Northwest-y at all. But, the Studio dudes say it’s good for meat lovers and vegetarians. Also, check out the “line cam” to observe the locals in their natural, sandwich-y habitat.

Dome Burger – This restaurant is named after Seattle’s long-gone, iconic stadium, the Kingdome (may it rest in peace).  And, they have good burgers. It’s very Seattle. Go there on a game day to see how we feel about our professional sports teams. Spoiler: It ranges between fanatical devotion and devoted resignation, depending on the team and how it’s doing during the season.

Thai Curry Simple – If you ever find yourself in Seattle’s International District on a weekday during lunch, you should try this place. The food is a) reasonably priced and b) DELICIOUS – that’s a hard combination to beat. And, it’s right in the historic ID! Be warned – once you try it, you’ll want it again. Make room in your schedule to return.

Hole In The Wall BBQ – Everyone raves about this place. Voted the best BBQ in Seattle, you know it’s going to be good. And, it’s only open 3 hours a day on the weekdays for lunch. So, if you’re in the area during lunch – go there! Expect to use a lot of napkins… or you’ll look and smell like some kind of delicious BBQ monster for the rest of the day. Whether or not that’s a bad thing is debatable.

Red Lantern – This restaurant is also in the International District and serves a proud Seattle tradition – Fusion Cuisine. By combining specialties from different cuisines, a new form of deliciousness is born. It’s kind of like Voltron, but for food. Your stomach (and the universe) will thank you!

So, the next time you’re in downtown Seattle for lunch, you know where to go. And it’s all thanks to the staff of WildTangent Studios.



What other nuggets of wisdom would you like out of our Studios members? Do you want to know what the best coffee joints are? How about the best microbrews? Let me know in the comments!

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