WTS Wednesdays – How Can WildCoins Improve Your Everyday Life? – 7/3/13

Hello ‘Tangenter!

I’d like to introduce you to our new feature – WildTangent Studios Wednesdays! Or WTS Wednesdays for short.

bear_pose_04_250x250WildTangent Studios dedicates itself to making fun games for you on iOS and Android.

But, the folks there didn’t feel like that was enough. They want to make sure that you and your kids have something fun to do every week! So, I’ll be teaming up with WildTangent Studios to give you something entertaining to do every Wednesday. Sometimes it will be trivia, a puzzle, or an activity. In fact, even we don’t even know what we’ll come up with! Stay tuned!

This week is the first in our Summer Fun Series. Today’s entry brings WildCoins out of WildTangent and into everyday life! This is a great system for kids who are on break… or adults who want to reward themselves!

How To Use WildCoins Every Day!

The goal of the paper WildCoins is to reward an individual when they do something right.  Basically, it’s the opposite of a swear jar.  Put a paper WildCoin in the jar every time you (or your kids or your significant other) does something good!

Personally, I’d give myself one of these little beauties every time I cleaned the fridge. What? I need the encouragement, okay? I HATE cleaning the fridge. **Shudder**
wtstudioswednesdays_download_v1_150x100Download the .pdf file by clicking on the image to the left. Then, print a few pages of these paper Summertime Fun WildCoins so that you have enough for your family.


What do you get a WildCoin for?

Honestly, it’s whatever you feel deserves a reward. Here are just a few ideas.

Kids get WildCoins when they:

    • Show patience
    • Complete tasks that you’ve assigned
    • Play nice
    • Share
    • Eat their veggies
    • Volunteer to help
    • Clean their room
    • Clean the bathroom
    • Put their dishes away
    • Walk the dog
    • Go to bed on time
    • Actually put their socks IN the hamper – not just in the hamper’s general vicinity

Adults get WildCoins when they:


    • Refrain from eating something they shouldn’t
    • Exercise
    • Scrub the toilet
    • Read that one book for work that I’ve totally been putting off…
    • Do something nice for someone else
    • Actually put their socks IN the hamper – not just in the hamper’s general vicinity (I am THE WORST ™ at this)

Another fun thing is to have a place to display or collect your WildCoins. Store them in a piggy bank, Mason jar or clip them to a string that you hang across a room or from the ceiling. The key is seeing the accrual. It’s very rewarding.

Now that you and/or your child and/or roommate have all these WildCoins, what do you do with them?

Use them!

Here are some ideas for redeeming your paper Summer Fun WildCoins.

**NOTE: The number of WildCoins will vary depending on how liberal you are with giving them out.

Kids can:

    • Get a special snack (~4 WildCoins if it’s already in the house, ~10 if you have to buy it)
    • Pick a movie to watch (~6 WildCoins)
    • Pick a game at WildTangent to play (~5 WildCoins for 5 real WildCoins!)
    • Get a ½ hour of TV time (~5 WildCoins)
    • Get to pick what’s for dinner the next night (~10 WildCoins)
    • Get a trip to the library or a favorite restaurant (~25 WildCoins)

Adults can:


    • Reward themselves with some time to play on WildTangent! (~5 WildCoins for 5 real WildCoins, maybe?)
    • Make a spa date – an at-home spa date counts! (~50 WildCoins)
    • Eat a special dessert (~10 WildCoins) – **Note to self – don’t undo all that exercise by overindulging this time!
    • “Pay” their significant other for a foot rub (if said significant other is willing, of course…) (~20 WildCoins)
    • Reward themselves with a movie and/or a babysitter (~25 WildCoins)
    • Have a “forgive yourself” night – and just live with the dishes in the sink or a slightly grubby floor and ENJOY IT (~15 WildCoins) – (I do this way too often…)
    • Take a bubble bath (~12 WildCoins)
    • Take some time to read that guilty pleasure book or drink some tea on the porch (~7 WildCoins)

Doesn’t that sound like fun? This is a flexible method of reward and can absolutely be altered for what you need. For example, I saw a really clever way to use a similar ticket system on a road trip at Mom’s Minivan. Check it out to see what her site suggests. And poke around her other posts while you’re there – some of her road tripping solutions are brilliant!

Speaking of road trips… if you’re looking for a mobile source of fun this summer, get Penguins! Escape for iOS (now half off during the Patriotic Penguins! Promotion) or Polar Bowler: 1st Frame for iOS and Android!


What else would you like to see in our WTS Wednesday series?

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  1. Alexandra September 9, 2013 at 7:21 AM #

    y need free wildcoins to play yours games becouse y can´t bougth it in this moment y haven´t got any money,sorry. Thank you

    • Mari September 9, 2013 at 2:02 PM #

      Hi Alexandra!

      Check WildTangent, our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter on Wednesdays for our WildCoin Wednesday giveaways. We give away one free WildCoin per week.


      • Mary September 10, 2014 at 3:41 PM #

        can you tell me how to sigh for the weekly wild tangent free coin? Thanks, M

        • Mari September 10, 2014 at 3:45 PM #

          Hi Mary!

          We’re no longer running that particular promotion. However, we have new promotions starting all the time! The best way to keep up with what’s going on is to sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


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