WTS Wednesdays – How To Play Darts Like WildTangent Studios


Have you seen the WildTangent Studios tumblr?

In this post, they mention how much they love darts. So, I wondered what kinds of dart games they play. You’re wondering the same thing, aren’t you?

Apparently, they play Cricket.

Here’s how!

How Many People Can Play?

It’s a game meant for 2 players, but if you have more dart-ers than that then split up into two teams instead.

Set Up Your Scorecard

This is your typical Cricket Scoreboard:


Each player or team has one side of the table.

The numbers in the middle correspond to the numbers around the edge of the dartboard.

Dart board

In Cricket, you’ll only play with 15-20 and the bull’s-eye (called “bull” here).

Who Goes First?

Everyone who is playing throws a dart at the dartboard. The person closest to the bull’s-eye goes first (we’ll call this individual Team A (not to be confused with The A-Team)).

What if no one is closer? Then keep throwing until someone is. Potentially, this could be a game in itself…

The Rules

  • Each Team has a chance to throw three darts at the board at a time.tumblr_WTS_Darts03
  • Determine if a number is closed or not.
    • If a team hits a valid number (15-20 and/or the bull) 3 times then it is “closed.”
    • To show this on the scoreboard – the first hit is a slash, the second hit is another slash (creating an X), and the third hit is a circle (indicating a closed number).
    • The goal is to “close” all the numbers in as few turns as possible… with the highest score in the end.
    • Once both teams have “closed” a number, then that number is effectively no longer in play – it cannot be scored.
  • Then the darts are scored.
    • Darts that do not hit the 15-20 or bull are not scored. (Harsh, but true.)
    • Darts that hit in an active number area (15-20 or bull) are scored at their number’s face value (hit 15 get 15 points) except for the special circumstances below:
    • Darts that hit the outer ring (the red or green outside ring in the image) are worth double the points and count twice – for example, hit a 20 in this outside ring and you just got 40 points and two hits in the 20 zone.
    • Darts that hit the inner ring (the red or green inner ring in the image) are worth triple the points and count three times – hit the 20 in this inner ring and get 60 points and three hits in the 20 zone!
    • The outer ring of the bull is worth 25 points and counts as one hit.
    • The inner ring of the bull is worth 50 points and counts as two hits! (I don’t know if I’ve ever hit a bull’s-eye in anything, ever…)
    • But, that’s not all, your team only scores a dart if:
      • Your team has not “closed” that particular number.
      • Your team has “closed” that number and the opposing team has not “closed” that number.

An Example

  • Team A’s Turntumblr_WTS_Darts01
    • Team A goes first and hits the outer ring of 15, the inner ring of 20 and just a regular 15.
    • This means they got the equivalent of three hits on 15 and three hits on 20.
    • For Team A both 15 and 20 are now closed.
    • For a score, they got (15×2 = 30), (20×3 = 60), and (15) for a total of 105 points.
  • Team B’s Turn
    • Team B now goes and hits the inner ring of 20, the outer ring of 20 and a regular 15.
    • This means they got five hits on 20 and one hit on 15. Not too shabby!
    • Team B closed 20 and has 1 hit on 15.
    • However, their scoring is a little funky. They only get to count three of their hits on 20 because Team A already closed that number.
    • Here’s how Team B’s score comes out: (20×3 = 60), (15) for a total of 75 points. Bummer!
  • This tells us that a good strategy is to close the highest numbers as quickly as you can.


And, that’s how WildTangent Studios plays darts! Sometimes they play 301, as well, but apparently they got tired of keeping score and started writing their own scoring app. That’s a true developer’s solution!

To see what they’re making when they aren’t playing darts, check out the WildTangent Studios webpage and their tumblr!

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    This looks fun, its good to know that the game of darts in evolving in many forms.Thanks for posting.

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